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POC Ventral Spin Raceday Helmet


Size: Small 50-56  257gr

Color: Uranium Black

  • POC’s most aerodynamic road helmet with top-notch protection
  • Raceday version is less flashy, otherwise remains the same
  • Inspired by Venturi effect for ventilation and aerodynamics
  • Inside airflow increases in speed to maximize ventilation
  • Sharp trailing edge reattaches airflow for aero efficiency
  • Spin pads reduce rotational forces from an oblique crash
  • Adjustable retention system on the rear dials in the fit
  • Please note the fit runs small, so size up if needed

For cyclists not competing in the upper rungs of professional cycling, helmets have been sort of an afterthought in terms of providing free speed. However, things are rapidly shifting in the design of modern road helmets. Many are now balancing the needs of ventilation, protection, and streamlined aerodynamics in an attractive package for those cyclists competing in everything from their local crit series to endurance events where reducing drag is essential across long distances. In these instances, newly developed helmets like the POC Ventral Spin Raceday Helmet provide a leg up on the competition by saving precious watts and can be the difference between standing atop the podium and watching from a distance as the winners celebrate. This particular version of the POC Ventral Spin Raceday boasts race-specific colorways that are a bit more subdued than usual, but otherwise it remains exactly the same as the standard Ventral Spin Helmet.

POC’s Ventral Spin Helmet is touted as the most aerodynamic, well-ventilated, and safest road helmet ever produced by the Swedish protection experts. Its name takes inspiration from the guiding scientific principle behind the helmet’s design: the Venturi effect. This scientific principle states that by constricting airflow in a choke point, the air pressure subsequently drops as it gains velocity. POC’s engineers used this guiding principle to maximize ventilation by sculpting massive airflow vents in the front, which channel air inside constricted channels over the top of your head, then out from large exhaust ports along the sharp, trailing rear.

By speeding up the flow of air inside the helmet, the Venturi effect means you’ll remain cool and comfortable as you ride at a blistering cadence, even in the summer heat. Not only that, but the sharp trailing edges of the helmet smoothly reattach airflow coming through the helmet with that moving over the top, subsequently minimizing turbulence off the rear end, which is critical in making an exceptionally aerodynamic helmet.

POC decided to upgrade the Ventral Spin’s protective properties with their newly introduced Spin rotational protection impact system. This minimizes the traumatic forces from crashing at an oblique angle by allowing the helmet to rotate independently around your noggin in the case of an angled crash. Spin pads placed inside the helmet are fixed in place, but exhibit a bit of movement, which gives the helmet a bit of shear in the case of a crash. These pads are made of a silicone-based material on the bottom for impact mitigation, lined with traditional foam on top for sweat-wicking comfort.

Please note, the fit runs especially small on the Ventral Spin Helmet, so size up according to your individual preferences and racing needs.


Shell Material unibody shell
Impact Foam EPS
Ventilation 9 large vents
Fit Adjustment size adjustment system
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