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Gatco 4329S Tiara Rectangular Wall Mirror, Chrome

Material Metal
Finish Type Chrome
Plug Profile Wall Mount
Item Weight 10 Pounds
Shape Rectangular

About Rectangular Wall Mirror:

  • Capturing a time-honored visage, The Tiara suite emits a luxurious appeal with its wonderfully subtle grooved detail and astute tradition. This collection is the crowning adornment for any bathroom.
  • Precisely hand polished and exquisitely HAND CRAFTED from High Caliber metalwork. Features concealed set screws
  • Can be EASILY mounted on a variety of surfaces including tile and drywall
  • Available in three MARVELOUS finishes, Chrome, Satin Nickel and Bronze

Product Description:

Since 1977, Gatco has been a leader in designing and manufacturing premium luxury bath ware. you can trust our products to always exceed your expectations and live up to their name. We have proudly stood by our TRUE DESIGN and COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE

Product Information:

Color: Chrome

Technical Details:

More Information:

Everyone needs a mirror in their home; thus, it must be long-lasting and stylish while also being the right size to go in your selected location. The mirror picture must be clear and undistorted. Rectangular Wall Mirrors are a fantastic product since they are primary and attractive. They exhibit outstanding clarity and truly bring a place to live. One of the best ways to create an eye-catching bedroom vanity is to lean it against the wall.

Hanging a small rectangular wall mirror on a kitchen cupboard door produces a glazed look. Although a wide bathroom mirror just above the sink or a massive mirror above the bath truly brings new a bathroom or en suite, increasing space and light.

Given our expertise in interior design, we have always been fascinated by mirrors and the alteration they can provide to a space. However, when it came time to replace the mirrors in our own home, we failed to find them online. rectangular wall mirror is a simple addition to your house or yard. Hence, as a decorative afterthought, even though it enhances nearly every area, many can accommodate a mirror of different sizes.

This rectangular wall mirror features a gorgeous wave-patterned border in a dazzling silver colour that adds to traditional and new living rooms. This stunning wall mirror features a bevelled frame that can suit practically any room theme. In general, you feel that this mirror is surprisingly affordable and appears to be more expensive and valuable than it is. The rectangular wall mirror may hang in virtually any room or area to enhance and extend the space and decor.

Consider using it to capture comprehensive reflections in a room or give the illusion of light and ventilation in a corridor. Select from a variety of wood-effect or painted textures to complement your decor.

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  • Rectangular wall mirror made of glass in a modern style.
  • Intended to maximize existing wall space, this fluorescent light is ideal for lighting common areas, bedrooms, kitchens, large powder rooms, entrances and exits and foyers, corridors, and workstations.
  • Hardware for attaching through keyholes/sturdy hooks included
  • The edges are hand-finished
  • Orientation in either the horizontal or vertical direction
  • Additionally, it resists rusting in the work bath or kitchen. Rectangle Bathroom Wall Mirror are also available.


  • 70% reclaimed steel/aluminium frame
  • 100% recyclable glass,
  • 0% recycled style
  • 100% Pure Wooden
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Optional finishes include black, gold, and polished nickel.
  • Clean with a gentle, dry cloth.
  • Additionally, this item is available in a rounded rectangular shape.


The Rectangular Wall Mirror’s utilitarian form builds a significant appearance with a modern aesthetic, casual appeal, and portability.

This positioning emphasizes the frame’s thickness and contour, highlighting the frame’s general modern attractiveness. The Large Rectangular Wall Mirror is extensive and precise enough to offer an architectural look to open floor plan areas, corridors, and more. This Long rectangular wall mirror features a slender profile and a minimalistic and contemporary style at cheap rates. This mirror is fantastic; the edge is neutral and would enhance most decors; it is a reasonable size and breadth, and it can place up or down.

It is small and light, fits easily, and provides a complete, clear view.

Advice on how to position your rectangular wall mirror?

Modern Rectangular wall mirrors are ubiquitous, so it’s a good idea to ask yourself what you hope to accomplish with one before investing in one.

Is it to serve a practical purpose, let in light, create the illusion of space, or serve as a decorative accent?

As a result, you should only use fasteners specifically designed for your home’s walls and not those universally used.

Is it safe in the bathroom?

Why should you select us?

Our architecture uses handmade lighting fixtures constructed from recycled or reused materials in various styles, from antique to modern and current. Available Lighting mirror pieces are as beautiful as jewelry for the house, designed to be timeless and relevant for centuries to come. Our trained product consultants, all of whom are situated in the United States, can assist you in locating the ideal product.

It’s lightweight when fully assembled, and we’ve designed it simple to wall mount horizontally or vertically and use the keyhole fixings on the backside. Our new brand delivers style and value at a fraction of the retail price for modern lifestyles. Our founding members are true experts in utilizing frames to keep people interested, and they are constantly on the lookout for unique and exciting moldings.

In addition, the company’s co-founders are passionate about providing excellent customer service and cultivating long-lasting business partnerships.

These rectangle wall mirrors are only available because they are favourites and have met their exacting standards for quality. There is a range of different types and sizes to fit different areas, all of which are displayed in real homes to assist you in visualizing them on your own.

Our warranty, free, fast delivery, and refunds, as well as guidance about positioning plus installation, are all designed to ensure that every customer is delighted with their purchase.

Our Packaging:

We ship our mirrors to so many countries regularly and with tremendous success, using packing designed for optimal protection rather than for the “look.” We use a mirror delivery shipping service that operates its fleet of vehicles worldwide to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition for our more significant and more delicate, sensitive, expensive mirrors. The most important thing to us is that you’re happy with the product and that it comes in excellent condition and on time.

Rectangle wall mirror for sale!

Final remarks:

You’ll fall in love with this wall mirror, no matter where you decide to place it in your home: it’s both stylish and functional. You won’t regret adding this hand-painted mirror to your house with its stunning finish and intricate frame. It is an everlasting article that I would encourage because it is of life quality.

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