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AO Smith Whole House Water Filter System – Carbon Filtration Reduces 97% of Chlorine – NSF Certified – 6yr, 600,000 Gl – AO-WH-Filter

  • Advanced Filtration For Healthy, Great Tasting Water – The AO-WH-FILTER reduces 97% of Chlorine tate & odor for clean water from every tap in your home. NOT a water softening system. System WILL NOT reduce TDS.
  • Improve Skin, Hair & Air Quality – Reduce exposure to chlorine & other harmful chemicals that can cause excessive drying, and keep chlorine from evaporating into the air you breathe for cleaner air throughout your home.
  • Works For All Your Water Needs – System effectively filters water for use in drinking, cooking, showering & bathing. Perfect for households of 4 or more people. No Drainage, back flushing or water-waste.
  • Long Lasting & Cost Efficient – Central filter lasts for 6-Years or 600,000 Gallons, 
  • Simple DIY Installation – Package comes with Central Water Filter, shut-off valve, hose adapter and nipple. May require some additional tools for installation. No plumber needed. Please consult owners manual for full instructions.
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